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Cody & I

Cody & I

Sunday, January 24, 2010

church && Reggie!

Church today.

it was good to be back, I missed seeing everyone there!
i'm ready to start doing good. I was also excited to have
Cody be there with me and i know he enjoyed it.

Ugh. Tomorrow starts the new week, I hope its a good
one. i'm ready to graduate, get moved out, and start college!
i know i know don't wish your life away! i'm just ready.

oh i'm pretty sure i'm getting a cricut this week! i'm soo excited
and for those of you who don't know what that is.. lets just say
it's a life savor! it makes your scrapbook pages 200 times better,
you can do appliques, glass etching, etc. yay!

ohh and last but not least!!! GOOOOO SAINTTTS! :D

mmm Reggie Bush! =)

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